What is QRA?

What if your body could talk to you and tell you exactly what it needed to be healthy? Would it tell you that you need specific nutritional support? A different diet? Certain detox procedures?

Yes, your body can “talk” to you through the amazing biocommunication technique of Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA).

QRA is a highly effective system of testing the bioenergetic status of the body’s key organ and gland control points using a university-proven muscle testing technique of medically accepted reflex points.

In just one session, we can test many of your body’s key points to provide an overall assessment at the quantum level and thus, provide you with precision-tested nutrients, nutritional formulas and recommendations – precisely specific to you.

How can QRA help me?

QRA is an effective and exciting way of communicating with your body and its specific needs – unlike any other healthcare technique on the planet. We can use QRA to quickly pinpoint your areas of nutritional deficiency, determine precise nutrients or formulas and the exact amounts needed to support optimal nutritional resonance for each specific organ or gland control point that was tested.

When these advanced techniques are used, your body can offer a wealth of bio-information that can allow us to determine the best clinical solutions for you that have the greatest beneficial impact on your health. The ultimate goal is to support your body’s best structure and function for optimal health and longevity.

What can I expect in a QRA session?

During a QRA session, we will test key organ/gland reflex points on the surface of your body to determine their status in order to make specific recommendations for you, including customized nutritional supplements. During the session, you may remain fully clothed while you are comfortably standing or seated.

To test you, we will ask you to create an “O-Ring” position with the fingers on one hand. With your other hand, we will ask you to place your fingers directly on key organ and gland control points on your body. Next, we will test each of these points using classic QRA O-Ring testing methods. This technique is simple, painless, easy to perform and requires no special effort on your part. In fact, it is a pleasure to receive a QRA exam!

Once we have determined which control points need help, we will then test nutrients or formulas to find the “exact” match – the one that makes a point that tested “off” to test “on” again. It is truly body biocommunication at its best. You may find that you receive many new insights into how your body works as it communicates its needs and preferences through the language of QRA.

About the founder

Dr. Robert J. Marshall, PhD., CEO and founder of Premier Research Labs and Quantum Nutrition Labs touched the lives of many people all across the U.S. in many ways. As CEO, he oversaw the manufacturing of a comprehensive line of bioenergetically tested, premier quality nutritional and food supplements, distributed across the U.S. and worldwide, to natural health care practitioners as well as the general public. Since the 1980’s, he was the dynamic host of the popular radio talk show, HealthLine Live, a daily national broadcast where he answered live health and nutrition questions on the air.

He and his wife, Dr. Linda Forbes, were co-developers of the highly effective body analysis system, Quantum Reflex Analysis, which revolutionized the practice of many natural healthcare practitioners. In his own nutritional practice, Dr. Marshall used QRA as the key system to test and evaluate his clients. He was the lead presenter at many QRA Seminars held across the U.S. for many years as well as lecturing in numerous foreign countries. Individually, he personally mentored numerous practitioners over the years. He was invited to speak at many other conferences as well as other radio and TV shows.

Dr. Marshall lived his life to the fullest, delighting in helping individuals with their health issues wherever he went. He had a brilliant mind, was ever engaged in nutritional research and was a pioneer in advocating superior health practices. Recently, he and his wife set up the Nutrition Science Foundation, a non-profit organization, dedicated to ongoing nutritional research as well as researching and developing superior farming practices to use across the U.S. to teach farmers how to grow high-quality food. His wife, Dr. Forbes, has taken on the role of CEO and will continue Dr. Marshall’s mission and legacy.